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Below you will find excerpts of my works, including MP3s and scores in PDF.
Please contact me if you would like to perform one of my works or have any other questions.

I also compose and do Sound Design for plays.

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Movements III and V from Letting Myself In (Selections)
     - Sooah Park, soprano, and Vicki Conway, piano
     - Poetry by Anne McCrady


Movements I and II from Three Macabre Songs
     - Yoonsang Lee, baritone, and Vicki Conway, piano
     - Poetry by Edgar Allan Poe
     - Work originally commissioned and premiered by Charlie Hyland, baritone


Oblivion (one-act opera)

Oblivion was selected as a finalist in the National Opera Association's 2012-2014 Chamber Opera Competition. The winner will be chosen at the National Convention in Portland in January 2013. Check back for results!

This one-act opera is based on a short story by H.P. Lovecraft and a variety of other texts. It was premiered at the 2010 Capital Fringe Festival in Washington, DC.

Scene 1b: The Plumtree (soprano solo)

04 1b-2 The Plumtree.mp3

More info on Oblivion is here.
Or skip to more Oblivion audio and score samples here.

Scene 4a-6: Our Grey Indifference (tenor solo)

16 4a-6 Our Grey Indifference.mp3

Scene 4b-2: Night in Kalapa (baritone solo)

19 4b-2 Night in Kalapa.mp3


Jazz Etude

Jazz Etude.mp3

Jazz Etude.pdf Jazz Etude.pdf
Size : 254.326 Kb
Type : pdf
This work is meant as an introduction to the octatonic scale in a jazz context. A single octatonic collection is maintained throughout the opening and closing sections, while sustained seventh-chord arpeggios make up the contrasting middle section. The piece was premiered by Ben Redwine and Michael Thrasher at the University of Texas at Tyler in October of 2012.


Jazz Chowder 

Jazz Chowder.mp3

Jazz Chowder.pdf Jazz Chowder.pdf
Size : 296.901 Kb
Type : pdf
This work was inspired by the local alcohol laws of Smith County, Texas. Before November 2012, Smith County enforced local laws prohibiting the sale of alcohol on an off-sale basis – that is, alcohol purchased for consumption off-site, as in liquor stores. (On-sale alcohol, as in bars and restaurants, was already legal.) As a result, many residents frequently drove 20 miles or more to purchase alcohol from "wetter" neighboring counties. The phenomenon of dry or partially dry counties is not uncommon in parts of the U.S.

In November 2012, portions of Smith County held a public vote to legalize limited off-sale alcohol sales (beer and wine only, no liquor). The term "jazz chowder" is one of many colloquialisms for alcohol that emerged during the Prohibition Era of the 1920's. As speakeasies and early jazz are intimately linked to the notion of prohibition in the national consciousness, this musical work stands as my memorial to and commentary on this next chapter in Smith County's own "Noble Experiment".

It was premiered in October of 2012 by clarinetist Ben Redwine, with the composer at the piano.


String Quartet No. 1: At Best It Sometimes Rhymes

(audio available upon request)

String Quartet No 1.pdf String Quartet No 1.pdf
Size : 1280.994 Kb
Type : pdf

Miniature Symphony No. 1a in D Major for piano, violin, viola, cello, and bass

Miniature Symphony No 1a.mp3

Miniature Symphony 1a.pdf Miniature Symphony 1a.pdf
Size : 0.126 Kb
Type : pdf

Miniature Symphony No. 1a in D Major was selected for programing by the Chicago Miniaturist Ensemble for their inaugural performance. The concert took place on Saturday, September 27, 2008, at Ossia Fine Arts Space in downtown Chicago.

It was also performed at Catholic University of America in 2008. It is also available in version No. 1b for piano trio.

This work compresses a full four-movement symphonic format into 90 seconds and exactly 100 notes.  The movements are as follows:
     I. Allegretto - full standard sonata-allegro form, including introduction and coda
     II. Theme and Variations - a single chord, followed by five variations (pitch-class sets)
     III. Scherzo - ABA form, klangfarbenmelodie
     IV. Finale (Vivace) - quasi-tonal, with klangfarbenmelodie and echoes of D major first movement

Ending Music from the play Miranda Is Morning

Miranda Is Morning Ending Dirge.mp3

(no score available)

This is the final track for Steve Spotswood's award-winning play Miranda Is Morning, which opened at Catholic University of America in the Fall of 2008.

It was produced using Cubase Studio 4, Kontakt 2 as a VST, and the VST HalionOne.

electroeulogy for fixed media






Two sound design tracks featuring my own computer's start-up and shut-down sounds, along with the usual bleeps and bloops.

Siblings for solo piano

I. Mark


II. Kristine


III. Dale


(score available upon request)

These three miniatures are dedicated to my siblings. The recording is from my Senior B.M. Composition Recital. (Composer performing)

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