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Kyle Gullings Music Studio
Private Instruction in Music Theory, Aural Skills, & Composition

Kyle Gullings is currently accepting new music theory/aural skills and composition students into his private studio in Tyler, TX. Students of any age and ability are welcome.

View Dr. Gullings' Studio Policy (PDF) for details on payment and scheduling appointments.

Contact Me to inquire about lessons. (Include the word "Lessons" in the subject line.)

Theory/Aural Skills Lessons
are available to beginning, intermediate, and advanced students in all aspects of tonal and non-tonal Western music, including harmony, aural skills, and advanced topics.
Composition Lessons
are offered in classical, musical theatre, and popular styles.
(Students should have a basic level of theory knowledge before enrolling in composition lessons.)


My students come from a variety of backgrounds: beginner and advanced, young and old, amateur and professional. They enroll in order to improve their grades, to test out of upcoming classes, to enhance their musical performances and studies through increased musical literacy, to exercise their creativity, and to enrich their lives.

What they all have in common are a love for music and the recognition that actively engaging with music is an important part of who they want to be. It is my desire as a music educator to give my students the tools and inspiration they need to succeed in making music a rewarding and lasting part of their lives.

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