Kyle Gullings - D.M.A. Lecture Recital
Thursday, April 7 at 7:30PM

John Paul Hall
Benjamin T. Rome School of Music (map)
The Catholic University of America
620 Michigan Ave NE, Washington, DC

Free admisssion.

A recital of original music, along with analyses and comments, by composer and doctoral candidate Kyle Gullings.
This event highlights my recent compositions, which have grown increasingly concerned with social and environmental issues and other topics of practical, everyday relevance. It is the final event in my academic student career, before graduation in May. More info below.

- - - PROGRAM - - -
in memoriam Hibakusha
for baritone, spoken voice, and piano
...a lament for the victims of the nuclear bombings of Japan during WWII.

Miniature Symphony No. 1b in D Major
for piano trio
...compresses a full, four-movement symphonic form into 100 notes and 90 seconds of music.

String Quartet No. 1: At Best It Sometimes Rhymes
for string quartet
...inspired by a brief but intense personal encounter with an individual living with mental illness.

Dirge for the New Sunrise
for soprano, flute, viola, guitar, & percussion
...a setting of Edith Sitwell's 1947 poem. An implication of nuclear weaponry and the resulting apocalyptic situation in which humanity finds itself today.

- - - PERFORMERS - - -
Jessica Bateman, flute
Phil Carluzzo, percussion
Charles Hyland, baritone
Alexandra Phillips, soprano
Mark Sylvester, guitar
Hilary Van Wagenen, piano
and Altra String Quartet:
   Diana Curtis
   Leah Beshore Naftalin
   Kate Northfield*
   Elizabeth O'Hara
         *guest artist with Altra String Quartet



Copyright © 2011 Kyle Gullings

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